Queue Management

We have designed exclusively our own queue management system. Simplicity for any retail environment that powerfully displays any product range or graphics. The beauty of this system is in the modular design, retailers can start with a single freestanding display and choose to add to the system as their range grows, or their premises increase.

Point Of Sale (POS) Displays

As a retailer you will know your market. And you know that in excess of 75% of in-store sales are generally generated at the Point Of Sale (POS). Our design is based around sales fundamentals at Point Of Sale (POS).

With this in mind our Queue Management System was developed. Confectionery, News Media, Snacks, Jars, Pots can all be displayed effectively near the Point Of Sale (POS). With such a small footprint our Queue Management System can easily be positioned even in smaller retail outlets, such as local stores, malls or events. Our focus is on volume, so the design has been kept to a minimum to give retailers optimum display potential.


70% of youth shop at a convenience store at least once a week
Point-of-sale displays are placed near the checkouts in retail stores to feature products, with a view to getting people to buy on impulse
50% – 80% of all fast moving consumer goods sales are either unplanned or made on impulse