Display Fixtures

Brand recognition doesn't stop at the product or packaging, display fixtures compliment your brand and are part of key ingredients to successful sales. Wall Bays, Counter Displays, Freestanding (FSDU). We can design and manufacture to suit your brand. Our capabilities can provide fixtures and displays in any medium, and enhance them further with graphics application or illumination.

Slatwall Displays

Slatwall shelving is proven time and time again in retail or exhibition environments for it's simplicity, modularity and functionality. Freestanding, rotating, fixed options are all available in a fantastic predetermined range or can be designed and built to your requirements. They can be dressed effectively and quickly with graphics and are available in any colour finishes and premium board textured laminate textures.

As well as bespoke design and manufacture, minimallstores provide an 'off the shelf' range of slatwall fixtures. If you know your retail then you'll know slatwall hosts a healthy range of accessories, including shelving, cascading waterfall brackets, hooks, way finders. In fact we can even design accessories to suit slatwall to suit your product range.



New brands are making their way into Retail each day. Our experience shows how important retail display solutions are to your business. Sometimes the little guy can find it challenging to source retail displays, especially when only 1, 10 or 50 units are required. We recognize this need for retailers.